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Corporate Social Investment

Corporate Social Investment plays a crucial role in uplifting the local community. The needs these communities face are substantial and as a company RedSands Golf is committed to making a difference. RedSands Golf made a strategic decision to partner with the Sozo Foundation; a Non-Profit Organisation involved with ensuring long-term sustainable change through the transfer of technology, skills and education in Cape Town.

The Sozo Foundation was formed by a sincere desire to serve communities lacking core essentials and blatant exposure of vulnerable children and their families. Four key areas within these communities are addressed: education, social upliftment, food security and micro enterprises (job creation).

The vision is simple but clear:

To SAVE a suffering society through empowerment and social change

To RESCUE a generation of future leaders from cultural anonymity

To PRESERVE communities through education, restoration and sustainability

The four initiatives that act as a vehicle to achieve this vision:

- Sozo Educentre
- Sozo Boutique
- Sozo Eden
- Sozo Reap



The Sozo Educentre aims to provide a safe and healthy environment for secondary learners to receive after-school tutoring, academic assistance and computer literacy three days a week in their own community. Alternate role models and mentors assist in the holistic development of the learner. Computer literacy is encouraged to assist training learners to access information for school projects as well as using computers to revise school work and find additional help in key areas such as Maths and Literacy. Learners are exposed to tertiary education and career opportunities through visiting institutions of further education and career development.


Changing the face of our community from the inside out; one house at a time. The Sozo Boutique aims to uplift the physical environment of vulnerable children and families by restoring basic essential living conditions such as windows, flooring, painting, electricity, bedding, furniture and sanitation. These families are educated on how to clean and maintain their property and goods, not only installing a sense of self-worth, pride and ownership, but also having a direct impact on family health and hygiene, safety and security.


Eden is a six-month organic vegetable farming programme. Home gardeners are trained, equipped and empowered to enable food security through sustainable urban agriculture. Sozo Eden combat poverty by establishing healthy food systems that are resilient, sustainable, ecologically sound, socially acceptable and economically viable resulting in fresh, great-tasting and nutrient-rich food.  These mini-urban farms have the potential to become an additional source of income whilst cultivating community through partnerships, mutual accountability and shared learning.



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