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The Kalahari is not a true desert but rather an arid savanna and is quite densely covered with grasses, shrubs and trees. It is regarded as one of Africa’s last wilderness areas and is probably one of the largest relatively undisturbed arid savannas in Africa.  Rain gives the Kalahari Desert a whole new personality. The countryside is transformed and red arid sand gives way to bright green grass. 

The area covered by Kalahari sands extends over some 2.5 million km² of the interior of central southern Africa. These wind-blown sands are the largest continuous stretch of sand in the world. The area constituting in the Kalahari dune veld is but a small part, in the south-westhern corner of this vast expanse, and includes the extensive sheet of aeolian sand of south-western Botswana, together with the adjacent areas of Namibia and South Africa. This region is characterized by long sand dunes running in parallel rows, in a northwest-southeast direction, and rising in places some 15-30 m above the dune valleys or "streets" between them. 

Amid its deceptive desolation, the Kalahari is a richly vegetated desert area which is home to a large verity of African wildlife. 

As a tourist destination, the Kalahari has always been unique. Besides the presence of game, the remoteness and sense of wilderness will always attract the appreciative visitor to the area.






The Sishen golf course winds its way through a 500 hectare Camelthorn forest on the edge of the Kalahari Desert. Considering its surroundings, its lush green fairways and greens have surprised many a visitor to this arid region.




Situated in the picturesque town of Kathu, on the fringe of the Kathu Forest Reserve with its majestic camelthorn trees, lies the ideally located Namakwari Lodge.





Certainly one of the favourite destination for RedSands Golf clients. 


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