The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast runs all the way from the mouth of Rezovo River on the Turkish border to the south to Cape Siviburun on the Romanian border to the north and constitutes the country’s eastern border. Bulgaria’s Black Sea resorts have been popular holiday haunts for more than a century, though it wasn’t until the 1960s that the coastline was developed for mass tourism, with Communist party officials from across the former Eastern Bloc descending on the beaches each year for a spot of socialist fun in the sun.

The accommodation possibilities are also diverse - luxury hotels, family hotels, guest houses, villas, rental apartments, bungalows. Many of the hotels offer various options for the comfort of the tourists, such as All inclusive, internet in the rooms, excursions in the area or inside the country, car rental, etc. The Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria can be reached via two motorways, first class roads and two international airports - Varna and Burgas.